Our mission is to offer event organizers a free alternative to the conventional methods of online ticketing and event registration offered by other ticketing services . We strive to maintain a ticketing system that is easy to use and free to the event organizers while continuing to offer a broad range of ticketing, accounting and reporting features. We offer the highest level of ticketing service while maintaining a fee structure that charges less to the event patron than our competitors.

Online event ticketing startup TravelFriend.co.in is taking a novel new approach to signing up event organizers and getting them to use its services. Our company’s new FairPay initiative will allow users to pay what they want after their events are successful.

TravelFriend launched as an Event Organizer & TICKETING or Accommodation provder— sort of an alternative to the MakeMytrip and Incredible India. Later, it unveiled a platform to enable organizers to crowdfund their events. That was designed in part to boost the number of events that would run on its platform by increasing the chance of running a successful event.

Now TravelFriend is removing another barrier to using its platform for events or ticketing by getting rid of fees that it charges event organizers and allowing them to pay what they want. The company’s new Fair Pay payment model gets rid of application fees, setup fees, transaction fees and service fees. The platform will continue to charge a small fee for payment processing, but otherwise it’s up to the event organizer to decide how much he or she should pay.

Event organizers will be able to go through the entire process of setting up an event, whether it’s crowd funded or not. Once it’s been successfully executed, they’ll be prompted to pay what they think is fair, based on the service that has been provided. The hope is that they’ll find TravelFriend so valuable that they’d pay as much, if not more, than TravelFriend might have charged them.

The problem with the ticketing industry is that, while consumers generally don’t care where they purchase their tickets from, event organizers and venues generally get locked into long-term contracts with the agencies that provide those services. TravelFriend is hoping to get event organizers in at the ground floor, before they’re locked in, by enabling crowd funding and partnering to ensure their success.